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The History

F.X. Bultó, founder of Bultaco.

A new motorcycle company
and brand in 10 months

On March 24, 1959 the Tralla 101 was presented in The Ritz Hotel in Barcelona.

The world’s best

In October 1960 Bultaco beat five long-distance World speed records.

The champion who
shouldn’t have died

In 1963 Torras won a great victory in Modena (Italy) before the official Honda of Jim Redman (in the photograph), a six-time World champion. Photo: bassella.com

World Champion

Salvador Cañellas won with Bultaco the first victory of a Spanish racing driver in a World Championship event (Spanish Grand prix, Montjuïc 1968). Photo: bassella.com

Metralla Mk2.
A masterpiece.

Paco Bultó (in the centre) next to a Metralla Mk2..

From half-bred
to thoroughbred

Oriol Puig Bultó driving a Metisse.

The first American

Jim Pomeroy on his way to his amazing victory in the circuit of El Vallés.

The most prized

Sammy Miller, winner of The Scottish Six Days Trial event.

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